Margaret Pritchard Houston

Where Love Is
(for Ezra)

You are where love is.
And I am with you, half of you
is me, is mine,
and half is my beloved.
You are us, and ours; my heart
is outside my body, love is
where you are;
in a small clay jar,
bearing the name we gave you,
holding your ashes like a white clay womb.
Yes, this is where love is.
In an earthenware jar on a shelf,
three feet
from the silent white bed where we made you.

You are where love is.
When I picked you up, in your box,
to bring you home, to –
home is where the heart is – you carry
my heart in the dust and ash that you are now, my heart
is dust and ashes, but – oh –
i carry your heart with me, i carry it in my heart,
in those cells of yours that crossed the border
from your body to mine,
when the twisting cord still bound us, still
tethered you to my blood.
you are still in me, and
you are where love is.

Margaret Pritchard Houston is a London-based writer and educator. Her work has appeared in Mslexia, The Blue Nib, and elsewhere, and her verse play on the life of Alexander the Great received four-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe. Her novel, Fraternite, was serialised by Pigeonhole in 2016. In her work for the Church of England, she has written for The Church Times and published two non-fiction books. When not writing, reading, or at work, she can be found at am-dram rehearsal, in the pub after am-dram rehearsal, or under her cats.