Mark A. Murphy

Hide and Seek

Quand on est aimé on ne doute de rien.
Quand on aime on dout de tout. –

Someone is hiding from someone else
Someone else wears a blindfold
Someone looks at you with the eyes of a fox
Someone else is counting up to ten

Everyone asks what she is playing at
Everyone knows she is obsessed with him
Everyone asks what she is hiding
Everyone knows she is running out of time

Someone else is alone very much alone
Someone could not care less
Someone else wears a black shawl
Someone looks at you with the eyes of a crow

Mark A. Murphy is a low income, Ace poet, living with GAD, complex PTSD, and OCD. He is the editor of online poetry journal: He is the author of 5 full length collections. His work has appeared in hundreds of journals including, Acumen, The Magnolia Review, ISACOUSTIC and DREICH Magazine. He has poems forthcoming in Cultural Weekly and Synchronised Chaos.