Mark Haworth-Booth


I have so many, piled up in my desk’s
recesses, going back some twenty years.
They’re very useful too, if someone asks
about when, say, a family gathering was
or when the car got serviced, when we went
to London or abroad on holiday,
Green Party meetings and dental appointments –
no space for stuff I fool with on most days.
Sometimes I keep a journal and write up
those other things we do – around the garden,
the wild life seen, the films, our daughters, friendships,
local and national politics, our reading.
But neither diary nor journal record
how minutes fell like snowflakes. Not a word.


Mark Haworth-Booth studied English
Literature at Cambridge University
and Art History at Edinburgh
University. He served as a curator at
the Victoria and Albert Museum from
1970-2004. He recently completed
a creative writing MA (with Distinction)
at Exeter University. Of his book
Wild Track: poems with pictures by
John Greening wrote ‘Wild
Track is full of quiet, intelligent
observations and insights – understated
but shrewd – into human behaviour and
psychology. ’