Martin Burke and Stephen Capus

Martin Burke

What country is this?
What landscape and inscape
what winter fire breaking the ice of December?

Images abound
and there are further enticements
to be reckoned with

perhaps also the memory of a fresco
which seemed more living and alive
than its static pose suggested

you are here, you are there
and for one instant on a ledge
there is no difference between

one moment and another
as if the burning balance tipped to one side
and again called on you to follow.

Martin Burke is an Irish poet-playwright living in Wetteren, Belgium He has published a variety of books in the USA, UK, & Ireland. More associated with a visionary than a political tradition, the present work none the less shows the meeting of the two in a concise & sharp manner.


Stephen Capus

On Champion Hill

A curl of wood-smoke, a woman with a pram,
Inscribed upon a sky the colour of slate:
Signifiers of a language more mysterious than
The cunning of words could ever translate.

Stephen Capus studied Russian literature at the Universities of Birmingham and London.
He has published poems and translations and currently works as an
administrator at University College London.