Martyn Crucefix

can you imagine under the next rain shower’

for my children

can you imagine under the next rain shower
the boat begins to drive northwards
leaving its routine furrow
its foaming wake familiar on the water

while down below men and women queue for tea
or coffee they buy chocolate bars
or others prefer the sweetened muesli bars
as if to say we are always children

and you carry me safely because the truth is
I’m no burden in your rucksack
(perhaps you’ve picked the one I bought to walk
the Marches with its bindings at the chest

and round the hips making it comfortable)
so you feel lightweight as sunlight strikes
on the water and there’s no need here
to strain to imagine the beautiful

no need for restlessness waiting on beauty
though of course I cannot see it
but you and your chosen companions (or none)
regard it as you stand swaying a little

and – whoever is beside you – you unlock
you trace the rain’s edge the sun’s noonday angle
you find the bridges between us fallen down
and you mourn but you can imagine

Martyn Crucefix’s recent books include The Time We Turned (Shearsman, 2014), A Hatfield Mass (Worple Press, 2014) and Daodejing – a new version in English (Enitharmon, 2016. Just published is The Lovely Disciplines (Seren, 2017) and forthcoming are limited editions of O. at the Edge of the Gorge (Guillemot Press, 2017) and A Convoy (If a Leaf Falls Press, 2017).