Michael Henry

The Pothole Factor

Potholes are the new politics.
They are the unacknowledged
legislators of the road. They win
local councillors elections. They
stand prominent in people’s minds.

They are full backs in the rugby fifteen.
They tackle low and bring down
the cyclist with his proud Raleigh medal.
They acknowledge the road’s applause

with its livery of yolk-yellow touchlines.
Potholes are the offspring of sinkholes.
They are the missing links in road maps.
At night they pool with rainwater,
collecting moonshine and stardust.
At night they are iridescent.

Potholes are the new wishing-wells.

Michael Henry has published four collections with Enitharmon Press and one with Five Seasons Press. He is hoping to bring out another collection but obviously this will have to be deferred.