Michael Jennings

Editor at the End of a Long Day

So you like the idea of being called a poet?
Have you got something to say?
I’d be a liar if I said I was all ears.

Perhaps you have some wry observation
to be communicated tongue in cheek,
with a wink in the eye to suggest
there’s a deeper meaning?

Have you stumbled on a striking phrase
which you’ve attempted to dress up
with one or two disguised platitudes
and which you archly call a sonnettina?

Are you proposing a new vision on the world
which you humbly suggest
won’t change the course of history
although you are inwardly confident that it will?

Maybe you just delight in forming words
on the page, carefully shaping each character
with the expensive fountain pen you reserve
for playing the role of a man of letters?

Whatever it is, I’m not interested

Michael Jennings is married with two grown up children who became a Catholic in 1980 after twenty years of dithering. After writing over ten novels, many short stories and plays with minimal success he eventually took to writing poems as a shorter, sharper and more satisfying way on getting things on paper.