Michael Newman


It will never grow stranger
Than this hour,
The birds silenced as if on cue,
An improbable sun ripening towards
And every hedgerow flaking
With young love,
As couples break away
From the dance.

Nor is the moon entirely inappropriate,
A hollow husk
Later to fill with festive offerings.

It will never grow quieter
Than this twilight,
Change-over from day to dark,
When the baton is poised,
And the listeners await
The latest in Night Music.

We stiffen,
As the wood-owl shrieks:
Such violence still surprises
Our do-good intent.

I have been published in Acumen, Orbis, Envoi, Critical Quarterly, Dream Catcher, and Fire. My latest book, Seasoned with Nostalgia, is published by KT Publications.
I won the Southport International Poetry Competition in 2003, and the Pulsar Poetry Competition in 2008. I was also long-listed for the Bridport Prize in 2008.