Mike Smith

L’On Y Danse

Death rises like damp.
It settles like dust.
Have you done what you can?
Then do what you must.

It’s a matter of love;
a matter of lust;
a matter of knowledge,
a matter of trust;

and you have to follow
the narrative thrust:
sleep the sleep of the damned
not the sleep of the just.

And life takes my breath
away each time we touch.


Mike writes plays and essays (mostly
on the short story form) and has been
concentrating on writing short
stories (as Brindley Hallam Dennis)
for the past few years, but he is always
pleased when a publishable poem
sneaks in and slips out! He lives on
the edge of England within sight of
three mountain tops and a sliver of
Solway Firth. All his writing is
intended to catch the ear rather
than the eye.