Miki Byrne

Conversation With a Silver Birch

Stay, she said.
As a breeze lifted my hair,
caused her to quiver gently.
Tell me I am pretty.
Oh, you are,
I replied as she swayed.
Do you see my silver gown,
diamond leaves?
I see them and I hear your song,
the tinkle of gems in your throat.
Yes, the wind plays me in concerto.
Music that echoes tunes
of the days making.
Of light and air, birds and rain.
I hear. See your slender limbs,
how you move, dainty roots that grip.
I would sing with you,
if you would teach me.
Sadly, I cannot.
For my song comes
from leaf and weather, sun and cloud,
from moon-glow and sparkle.
Gifts that are not mine to offer.
Would you though, if you could?
Oh yes, she sighed,
I would give anything
for one who understands me.

My latest collection of poetry ‘Flying Through Houses‘ is now available. It has been described as ‘touching, intriguing, unexpectedly lovely’by Alison Brackenbury and ‘full of wry wit and humour, a fine sense of irony and a clear eye for the memorable image’ by Angela France.  Whilst working in a comprehensive school in Birmingham she taught Woodwork, Metalwork and Technical Drawing and also taught clubs for Jewellery Making. General Craft. Modern Dance and Girls Self-Defence.