Nick Browne


It’s hot and thick this blood that binds us
sluggish sometimes, though quick to fire,
some kind of heavy oil that heats us.

At one slight curling of your lip
I glimpse me, twisting in your memory
a child’s long bafflement in your eye,

and in the microscopic raising of my brow
Our old fierce fury is ignited
Too flammable and sparking for a fight.

Yet should you need me, blood will call me in
boiling through seas of lava, oceans stiff with ice,
driven as a spawning salmon.

Though continents apart
I could whisper and know you’d hear my voice.
Who would swap all that for friendship?

To hear Nick read her poem :

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‘Nick Browne has published nine novels for children but is relatively new to poetry. Nick’s poetry has appeared in Eyewear’s A Poet’s Quest for God, Lunar magazine and Ink Sweat and Tears.