Nigel Jarrett


They’re there again, troubling
the tip for answers as if
a midden could enlighten
a mob in penitential garb.
First they funnel the latest
from the summit, then cluster
on the raked-over slopes
of heresy and superstition.

In the vales they fare no better;
spirited in squalls from flint
chipped by the plough, they ride
the furrow’s wave, anticipating
their element, that skim above
the gulf between alpha and
omega, twin mysteries ever
in want of fluttering attention.

Nigel Jarrett is a winner of the Rhys Davies prize for short fiction and Miners At The Quarry Pool was his début poetry collection. He’s a former daily-newspaperman and a regular contributor to the Wales Arts Review, Jazz Journal and Acumen, among others. This year sees the publication of a short fiction pamphlet, A Gloucester Trilogy.