Norbert Hirschhorn

Edward Hopper’s Cape Cod Morning

Summer aubade, the sun beginning to crown
from the ocean, spreading a muted ray
of light across the bay. The only sound ‒
a trochaic call of the salt marsh cuckoo.
It is said whatever you’re doing then,
you’ll do it again and again. He calls,
come back, come back, come back to bed.
It was the same yesterday.

Ah, sweetness, how can it be the same again?

The grandfather clock chimes the half hour
slicing the solitude in the air,
reminding her of day’s deeds to be done:
dog to walk, breakfast to make, poems to write,
watch the sun pass overhead.

Norbert Hirschhorn is a public health physician, commended by President Bill Clinton as an “American Health Hero,” and proud to follow in the tradition of physician-poets. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has published six collections, the most recent a bilingual Arabic-English co-translated with Syrian physician-poet Fouad M. Fouad, Once Upon a Time in Aleppo (Hippocrates Press) of the latter’s poems.