Norton Hodges

Selling Spring

OK guys, what we need is some blue sky thinking,
the fact of the matter is daffodils are growing willy nilly
without any streamlining, remodelling or rebranding.
We need to get our ducks in a row on this, comprende?

If we could just take a minute to think outside the box,
we may need a major paradigm shift, you all know
my door is always open so let’s have some ideas
that really have legs, raise the bar and push the envelope!

I mean, what is growth without growth, if you get my drift.
Those yellow hombres seem to be beholden to no one,
not even our shareholders. Yes, Rishi, what do you say?

Great idea! That guy Wordsworth nailed it. Write a sonnet.
That’ll appeal to our ABC1s when they boogie down to Waitrose.
Next item on the agenda, rabbits. Are they marketable, going forward?

Norton Hodges is a poet, translator and editor. His work is widely published on the Internet and in hard copy. He is the author of the poetry collection ‘Bare Bones’ (The High Window Press, 2018). He lives in Lincoln, UK.