Omar Sabbagh

Coup d’état

For my daughter
Alia Sabbagh

Deep in this valley, this valley
Like a green and undulant pocket
A small tickle of water stirs
From out of the undergrowth,

Trickling the earth
With its wet promises, a wet
Promise to which the world concurs
Deep in the valleys
Of each.

And you cannot dub what follows
Anything but the far
Richer, greener meaning: and in

The barest, deepest bellows
Of his heart, his heart laughs and sings.

Born in London, Omar now lives in Dubai, where he works as an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at the American University of Dubai. Omar holds a PhD in English Literature from King’s College, University of London. Omar is widely published in both fiction and poetry. His collections of poetry, My Only Oedipal Complaint, Square Root of Beirut and To the Middle of Love are published by Cinnamon Press. Omar has also published several essays and academic papers.