Omar Sabbagh

A Daughter
For Faten

The wild cry of this undulant night
Whose blue’s more silver than purple
Slides like a voice in search of signs
Like words, foils of the brave sublime ‒
The flesh of many minds like symbols.

I can’t find such a straight, untethered line
Except in her, and the unchained sounds
Of my future ‒the night is white with a girl …

And then I look to my left, to my right,
Seeing things like glossy marbles
Strung to build my rope of time; to lull
The knot that signs at the knotty middle ‒

Unravelled now by a carrying wife
Whose care holds more than unskinned love.

Born in London, Omar now lives in Dubai, where he works as an Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing at the American University of Dubai. Omar holds a PhD in English Literature from King’s College, University of London. Omar is widely published in both fiction and poetry. His collections of poetry, My Only Oedipal Complaint, Square Root of Beirut and To the Middle of Love are published by Cinnamon Press. Omar has also published several essays and academic papers.