Patricia Lafferty

Sonnet 43
(with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
and her Sonnet XLIII

How do I love you? Faded, youthful ways.
Vanished all the depths and breadth and height.
My soul has reached—-now passion’s out of sight —
The use by date of being, the loss of grace.
I love you on the level of every day’s
companion needs in sunshine and at night.
I love you laughing, firm against our plight.
I love your tolerance when you sing my praise.
I love our secret jokes. I will use,
In times of grief, the knowledge that our faith
In mutual love we’ll never ever lose.
No lost illusions. Always on our breath,
The smiles and tears of life. And these I choose.
And I shall love you even after death.




Patricia Lafferty sent me her latest submission
on June 14th. I was then shocked to receive the
‘It is with regret that I am emailing to inform you
that my mother died suddenly last night, the
17 June. She was 87.’
What a splendid poet, still writing new poems
at 87. Acumen’s sympathy
to her family.