Patrick Osada

Into Autumn

A late September burst of sunny days
helps make-believe that Summer’s set to last,
but while the season’s flowers still earn praise
Autumn’s first steps are littering the grass…
Conkers have fallen from horse-chestnut trees,
encouraged by the coldness of the night,
here, spiky chestnut shells beside ash keys –
but not one shiny conker is in sight.

Quite safe on this estate from boy’s attack,
this tree is not beset with sticks and stones –
yet not one conker sits on grass or track–
and empty shells now lie where they were blown…
The only clue – brown fragments I have found –
proves early deer have cleared this patch of ground.

Patrick B. Osada is an editor, writes reviews of poetry for magazines and is a member of
the Management Team for SOUTH Poetry Magazine.
His first collection, Close to the Edge was published in 1996 & won the prestigious
ROSEMARY ARTHUR AWARD. He has published four collections, with a fifth ready for
Patrick’s work has been widely published in magazines, anthologies and on the internet..