Paul Surman

The Day

You have to imagine it or it won’t come true.
A day of beauty you will know of in advance
when the air trembles then slows to a graceful halt,
and the landscape seems to look you in the eye.

You can feel its intelligence of hills and distances,
and something closer, as if it is seeing through
your skin, so close you are sure it must be asking
the question to which you alone are the answer.

Now you are both daylight and darkness. Strong
as a sapling, and weak as thunder. Your breath
light as the soil, heavy as air. Your blood
elated in its echoing passageways. Your thoughts
no longer separate from the world you have known
as it reaches in to touch you, very softly.

Paul Surman was born in 1947 in Oxford, and still lives in a nearby village. He is a member of Back Room Poets, a group of poets who organise readings and work-shops in Oxford. His first collection Places was pub-lished by Oversteps Books in 2018. He is currently working on a second collection, provisionally called Consciousness. Paul’s work has been widely pub-lished, in magazines and anthologies.