Peter Phillips

A Bunch of Flowers

Mr. White, or can I call you Bob?
I promise you this:
We will take great care of your heart.
The surgeon, yes that’s me, from India,
I will lead the operation.
An anaesthetist from Syria
will put you to sleep,
a nurse from Sri Lanka
will pass me medical instruments
and we will not leave any inside you.
A junior doctor from Romania
will neatly sew you up
and a porter called Erik from Sweden,
will wheel you back.

Does that sound alright?
I think it all sounds rather beautiful, Mr Chakrabarti.
Thank you, Bob.
I look forward to hearing your heart beating strongly.

An accessible and unpretentious poet whose verse is
always concise and musical, Peter Phillips wears his
seriousness lightly. An essay about his latest
pamphlet is to be published in the January issue
of Acumen.