Philip Rush


The summit cairn,
The triangulation station,
The wireless aerial mast.
There and back
Is the least eccentric
Of circular routes.
What milestones remain
Drape the relic
Of a necklace
Around the hedgerows.
The stages of a path
Must be followed
As closely
As the steps of a recipe.
Three ways of finding home:
A church or chapel with tower,
A post office,
A steep gradient.
Three ways of losing track:
Mixed woodland,
Rough pasture,
No evidence
Of the existence of a right of way.
A watershed
Keeps itself
To itself.
(Remains of)
No compass
the whole truth.

Philip Rush is an English teacher who likes to play the violin and explore foreign lands on foot and by bus, He now lives in a small Cotswold cottage in a small hillside village where he runs a small publishing enterprise which helps local poets both to see their work in print and to share it at readings and elsewhere. Every now and again, when he is able to do so, he catches a train for the continent or for the more remote parts of Great Britain.