Rani Drew

Inhabiting you

If you were an island, I could set out to inhabit
you. I would take a boat across the water,

a stick to propel me up the steep to the higher
ground. There, gazing at all the vistas around,

I would see the sun streaming down, hear
the water lapping against the rocks, touch

the trees breathing for themselves and us.
The elements would join hands to make

the unknown known to me. But not so you.
There is no crossing into you, no listening to

your thoughts, nor making you hear mine. More
concealed than revealed, your heart remains

guarded against intrusion, refusing landings
on its shore. This island wants no inhabitants.

Rani Drew is a poet based in Cambridge. She has been writing poetry her whole life and
has published three Collections of her poems.. A fourth collection of poetry is on its way.
She has also published in many poetry magazines abroad and in the UK. She has been invited to read her poetry at Festivals and readings around the United Kingdom and the world most recently Birmingham, Granada, Delhi, Bangalore and Trichi . She has also conducted poetry workshops in China, India and around Britain. Her poems have been published in many magazines. She is also a playwright, fiction writer, a novelist and an academic writer.

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