Rebecca Gethin


Sometimes near Long Ships or Wolf Rock
and somewhere near Seven Sisters
footprints of light appear –

impossible to know who left them
on the sea’s surface,
mirages of place.

Nobody and nothing to see
but refractions and reflections,

Not tankers or container ships
which plough past them, over them
following their seaways.

Not seabirds who use the updrafts
nor shoals who swim below them.
We don’t know what has sunk away.

Clouds close over
and in a shift of light
they’re no longer visible.

Rebecca Gethin has written 5 poetry publications and has been a Hawthornden Fellow. One of her poems was set to music and was performed in Dartington Hall. Messages was a winner in the first Coast to Coast to Coast pamphlet competition. Vanishings is forthcoming from Palewell Press and she is to run a short course for Poetry School.

Lyonesse by Rebecca Gethin 2019.mp3