Ruth Taaffe

Rain on the Sea

She was skilful at sitting when she got the chance
lingering in the parked car under pounding rain
just for the pleasure of the sound, the being dry.
We would hold our breath so silently at those times.
Now when I have a stolen minute to sit still
to gaze at nothing as rainfall sweeps up the tide
in its arms and they roll up the beach together,
I think to any witness who had the power
to be both there and then and now, at once,
I would resemble the same woman paused in her
Who knows what hers were? I played oblivious.
The rain falls on the sea of the years. The tide crawls
across one thousand seaside miles of time
and I sit looking like her unseen.

Ruth Taaffe is originally from Manchester, United Kingdom. Her poems centre around the places we call home, our family and the natural world. Ruth is currently an MA student of Creative Writing with Lancaster University and some of her poems have recently been published in the online journal Creative Writing Ink. She is a secondary school English
teacher and has lived and taught in Thailand and Australia as well as in the UK. She currently lives in Singapore where she is the Head of English at an International School. She is married and has two teenage sons.