Shanta Acharya

Changing Itself

from mist and vapour
to earth and its creatures,
intergalactic water –

the incredible journey
from before the beginning
of time, before the spirit moved

upon the face of the waters
making universes
dividing water from water –

colourless, odourless
lacking shape, taste
complete yet miscible

capable of being anything
finding its voice with others
holding infinite possibilities

in a landscape of illusions
revealing how life flows
acquiring the essence of things

it touches, taking new identities
wanting to be changed, mended
losing itself in everything it encounters

transforming, keeping an open mind
an unstoppable force of nature
changing the world by changing itself.

Shanta Acharya has the distinction of being published in poetry, literary criticism, fiction and finance. Educated in India, the UK and the USA, she has lived and worked in all three countries. Widely travelled, Shanta brings a global perspective to her work. An inter-nationally recognized poet, she has published six collections and given readings in the UK, the USA and India.

SHANTA will be reading on
Sunday 22nd October at this