Shanta Acharya

Staying Home

Surveying the locked down map of my world –
windows opening to landscapes of uncertainty,
Time dances like a god in the changing light.
I dwell in possibility – take nothing for granted,
accept life as it comes, not the way I want it.
Something to do with love, a prayer to protect
us from an innocent touch. As the death toll rises,
so does fear and courage – key workers keep carrying
on, laying bare the injustices of our world.
Knowing there is no going back, the furloughed
hang on, believing in blue skies, bird song,
and spring in the dreadful winter of their hearts.
Hope lives like a virus born with a message –
Life’s a gift, a thing of beauty, cherish it.

Shanta Acharya has the distinction of being published in poetry, literary criticism, fiction and finance. Educated in India, the UK and the USA, she has lived and worked in all three countries. Widely travelled, Shanta brings a global perspective to her work. An internationally recognized poet, she has published six collections and given readings in the UK, the USA and India.