Shanta Acharya

Day the Clouds Came Home

Blowing open doors and windows
ushering the sky in
drenching us in a spray mist of hope,
and a rainbow poised on our courtyard,
the flowers on their knees worshipping,

leaving us wondering how some waters
fall, some bend, curve, flow,
rise like incredible angels of hope,
while others vanish like ghosts
into the earth, becoming one with the universe.

We were entranced with the miracle of water
not just the kind that roar in your ears
while flowing silently in your veins
or the transparent types – dew, sweat, rain,
glistening in the light, a shower of stardust,
not to mention the opaque introversion
of fog, mist, frost and snow –
fresh faced children fingering the fields.

It was the day her waters broke,
her body a reservoir bursting
and a thousand questions came home
searching for answers, something to do with love –

a promise splashed across the horizon
turning into tears to brighten the eyes,
holy water to leaven the soul, water that kissed our lips
leaving us laughing, crying –
in an astonishment of meaning.

Shanta Acharya has the distinction of being published in poetry, literary criticism, fiction and finance. Educated in India, the UK and the USA, she has lived and worked in all three countries. Widely travelled, Shanta brings a global perspec-tive to her work. An internationally recognized poet, she has published six collections and given readings in the UK, the USA and India.