Sheila Aldous

The Light in Rembrandt’s Mother

After an old woman called ‘The Artist’s Mother’ by Rembrandt.

Eyes too difficult to read have seen it all;
she stares from a knowing dark space.

The folds of glow and shade settle in her lines
and she shines in his illumination.

She could be anybody’s mother:
one who would scold at a misplaced collar,

at yellowed lace in need of a dash and splash
of lye, one who would tenderly admonish the dim,

spend her life with sheets on bleaching grounds,
whose heart would be spread with pride,

who would guide the brush she made
as it swelled with the trembling water of life

so hers would not diminish in a shrinking
multiverse, but would sparkle in furrowed light.

Sheila Aldous has an MA in Creative Writing. She lives in Devon by the River Teign where the forever changing scene of tides and nature, the boating community and people all bring delight and inspiration. She writes short stories and poetry and won the Yeovil Poetry Prize 2016 and 3rd prize in the [local] Poetry Teignmouth Competition 2017. She has been published in Acumen, Orbis, Obsessed with Pipework, The Broadsheet and Pzazz. Her first
collection was published by Indigo Dreams in 2018.