Susan Taylor

To the Namer of Storms

Why did you name this Atlantic storm Brigid
and how did you develop her colours we saw
a few days ago on our screens, neon orange
and green with a pulse of magenta for a heart?

Was it over the Sargasso Sea she was
birthed and first spotted working her magic,
building her infinite power to crush
the stones that guard our settled coast?

I watched her out in our tall fuschia hedge
dancing in its intricate patterns of lace.
From the safety of my Dartmoor fireside,
she looked seductive, even bewitching,

yet further South, she was snapping
the sea wall beneath the West Coast line,
washing the moorings and ballast away,
till rails were left hung like a bad-ass dream.

Now, further East, people flee The Somerset Levels,
drained and occupied sparsely since Roman times.
Sheep stand on small islands as floodwater whispers
in meadows silvering quick as mercury.

Susan Taylor has five published collections of poetry and a variety of collaborative chapbooks & CDs. She performs her poetry regularly at poetry venues and festivals in the South West, including Ways With Words, Torbay Festival of Poetry, Bath Literature Festival, The Great Create and Westival, as well as at the open mic events she co-runs with her partner, Simon Williams. Susan holds a Masters in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University, where she was also a part-time lecturer on their Undergraduate Programme. Creative collaborations continue Susan’s commitment to the exploration of the interface between poetry and its audience through work in different media and environments.