Tarun Amasa

Reach For the Stars

There is a boy, and he is full of hope.
The boy flies when no one is watching
He flies when the stars are bright
He tries to reach the stars, and falls just short.
Every night he tries,
Every night closer
Every year closer

The boy is older now, he is giving up.
The boy wants to reach the stars,
He wants to reach them now.
The boy stops trying,
The boy starts wandering
Every night he looks up
Every night he sees the stars glistening
He thinks that they are brighter
He thinks it is his eyes playing tricks
Then he sees the stars dance
He is awed by their beauty
But looks away.

His face is full of tears,
His heart full of despair.
He looks at the stars and tries to grab them
and again
and again

He is old now
He is brittle and weak
He cannot reach, his infirmity is weighing him down.
So he does something that he hadn’t thought about before.
He asked the stars.
He asked the stars to come to him,
The stars did not budge
He pleaded,
The stars did not budge
He begged,
The stars did not budge
He screamed,
The star did not budge.

So he looked elsewhere.
He looked across the horizon, and he saw spectacular
He saw a rainbow in the water
He found happiness in his reflection.
He smelled honeysuckle and mint
He hoped to remember it forever.
He saw a dead rabbit
He felt sorrow.
He heard a chirping in the distance
He celebrated life.
He tasted a wild berry
He noted its bitterness, yet a positive distinction.

He Saw.
He Smelled.
He Heard.
He Tasted.

Yet he did not touch.
He did not touch the stars in the sky.
He thought,
Do you have to touch something to know if it is there?

He smiled and closed his eyes,
Reaching his own conclusion.

Reaching his own stars.

Poetry has been a medium of great fascination to me. No other method of writing provides such depth and complexity delivered in such a succinct manner. A poet’s perfect syntax and diction can communicate intense feelings that transcend the written word and percolate in the soul. Nothing else is quite like it. This poem, in particular, juxtaposes a boy’s sorrow from relinquishing a lifelong dream to the awe he feels finding the beauty in his surroundings.