Terry Quinn

At Conishead Priory

I’ve never been one
for hugging trees

but this was a belter
so old so here

so stopping us in our tracks
that I allowed myself a touch

so it wasn’t so much hugging
as feeling history

I don’t think of this later
as a woman in purple

leads us in a taster
of fifteen minutes of silent meditation

and all I can think of
is how clean the carpet is

and quite how hideous
the idols and offerings are

which is all a bit confusing
as the temple is lovely

which reminds me of that track
though woods to the Bay

and wondering if these people
are always lost in thought

are they allowed the physicality
of enjoying their bodies

is there a Zen of running on beaches.

Terry Quinn worked in the NHS as a Medical Engineer before retiring to concentrate on writing poetry. His collection ‘The Amen of Knowledge’ was published by Indigo Dreams 
Publishing as a result of winning  the Geoff Steven’s Memorial Prize in 2012, he was runner-up in the BBC Poetry Proms 2014. His joint collection with Julie Maclean ‘To Have To Follow’ was published in 2016 by Indigo Pamphlets.