Terry Quinn

Taking and Giving

I’m useless at short stories
and as for novels
I wrote a chapter once
even my pencil was bored

which is a shame
when I’ve got so many
slipped in my pocket notebooks
quick to the hand for

He’s the type to go as a banana

chatter in the streets

He has a strained relationship with reality

that have come to the rescue
when I needed lines

I dabble in Brazilian jujitsu

but there are so many
to use for poetry

You can’t fall out with John
he never says anything

so I’m spring cleaning
flinging a few out
to see if they’d be useful

She was like a radioactive cucumber

please take them
especially if it’s for a mystery

But why does John
keep a corpse in his flat

as in two women passing us
on the Bristol Road.

Terry Quinn worked in the NHS as a Medical Engineer before retiring to concentrate on writing poetry. His collection ‘The Amen of Knowledge’ was published by Indigo Dreams
Publishing as a result of winning the Geoff Steven’s Memorial Prize in 2012, he was runner-up in the BBC Poetry Proms 2014. His joint collection with Julie Maclean ‘To Have To Follow’ was published in 2016 by Indigo Pamphlets.