Tim Taylor

The Old Couple

When they were young
their love was a thing of flame.
Colliding like two asteroids
they were magnificent
but sparks would leap from jagged edges.
Incandescent, they would fly apart,
only to spiral inwards once again.

Look at them now,
sitting to watch the sun go down,
still warmed by the embers of that ancient fire.
She leans on him, and he on her;
time has smoothed their curves and hollows,
sanded them to fit each other
like pebbles rubbed together by the sea.

Tim Taylor lives in Meltham, West Yorkshire and is a member of Holme Valley Poets and Marsden Write Out Loud. Tim’s poems have been published in magazines including Pennine Platform, Orbis, The Lake and Pulsar, and in various compliations. He was recently shortlisted in the 2018 Hammond House international poetry competition. As well as poetry, Tim has published two novels; he also does part-time teaching and academic research in Ethics at Leeds University. In his spare time he enjoys playing the guitar and walking up hills.