Veronica Aaronson

The Thought-Fox
(after Ted Hughes)

A man’s imaginings
Call to me from midnight’s
Starless black. I stir,
Bring myself together,

Flesh out my bones
With muscle, fur. I arise,
Take in air through nostrils,
Lift my head, mouth ajar.

My eyes jerk from
this to that, that,
Then that. I nose leaf,
Loam through snow.

The virgin white invites me
From the shadows
Towards open ground.
Man’s fingers are poised.

A clock stutters its
Tock, tick, tock, tick.
I pause, sniff wind,
Walk into the clearing,

Place paws deliberately,
Leave a smattering
Of prints across white.
My image is captured.

Veronica Aaronson is one of the founders of Poetry Teignmouth and of the Teignmouth Poetry Festival. She is a member of Moor Poets and enjoys reading in venues around the South West. She has just retired from a career as a psychotherapist where she used poetry in her work. She is particularly interested in how people’s histories colour their perception, and the use of metaphor.