Wendy French

I Dream a City

I created this city for her out of the air and rubble.
I knew she’d
have to be here – not as she is now – but on every
street corner

how she used to be when every street seemed exciting
and dangerous and she felt she’d never leave until
the day

she lost her footing and appeared in every crack on
the pavement.
This city is her. It would care for her as it accommodates
every coin,

collection of cards in a boy’s pocket which lead him
back home.
She’d be led back to this city as the moon beckons

with the chime from the clock encased in its black
and white tower.
This will help her to find her way. This is the city
without boundaries.

People will return from their centuries, remove the
No Entry sign,
gather on every street corner where once there was life,

stare at the vacancies and sing the praises of friendship
over the grave.
This is her city created on every street corner out of
air and rubble.

WendyFrench has won many prizes including the Torbay Open and the inaugural Hippocrates Prize. She has co-edited three books of poetry written by young people in hospital and works in a free lance capacity promoting writing in healthcare, educational and community settings. She is researching for her own interests the life of Ivor Gurney.