Wendy Orr

Ode to Attentiveness

I do not know what I’m listening to
but I know it’s listening to me.
In this attentiveness
to silence,

there is something
there is something
of self-assertion

that will conflate
the moving dark lakes
of reticence in this silence.

It makes me Listener.
It makes me Watcher.
I could –
I can become

I can disguise myself
in the bright abandoned bones
within me.

I can ambush
the sliding banks of white mud
that are just shy of knowing,

and drink into my bright bones
the wrong side of apparent,
the intuitive.

I can know my body,
its breathing,
indirectly and true.

Wendy grew up in Glasgow and Ayrshire. She works as a teacher, education consultant and workshop tutor and curated the Children and Young People’s Art and Poetry Exhibition for StAnza International Poetry Festival, St Andrews. She is also a painter. Wendy has published in Poetry Salzburg Review, Interpreters House and Ink, Sweat & Tears. In 2016, she was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize. Wendy has lived in Berkeley, California, where she began work on her first collection and now lives in Fife.

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