William Bedford

Country Matters

The long and winding road is white with dust,
kicked up on our shoes. No music here
unless you count the birds’ music,
the solitude. Rest your hand on my shoulder.
This is not a time to brood.
This is a time for mood music,
though I prefer words,
those dodgems dancing around the fairgrounds.
In the morning,
your toothpaste will taste of mint,
and we will promise to love each other forever,
without music or highfalutin words.

WILLIAM BEDFORD’s poetry has appeared Agenda, Encounter, The John Clare Society Journal, London Magazine, The New Statesman, Poetry Review, The Tablet, The Washington Times and many others. Red Squirrel Press published The Fen Dancing in March 2014 and The Bread Horse in October 2015.
He won first prize in the 2014 London Magazine International Poetry Competition. Dempsey & Windle published Chagall’s Circus in April 2019. His latest collection, The Dancers of Colbek, was published by Two Rivers Press in January 2020.