Yoav J. Tenembaum

Sadness Has a Way

Sadness has a way of appearing
In different forms,
Of sounding its words
In different tones,
And when its voice
Seems to disappear,
All of a sudden
Its volume rises
Like a sudden wind
Blowing across
The corner
Of a street.

To begin with,
Is the hurricane
That wreaks havoc.

Then, as the hours
And days
Slowly elapse,
Like a baby,
Takes a nap,
On and off,
Sleeping and crying
In turn,
Confounding my heart,
Misleading it
Each time
That It falls asleep
That It won’t wake up

Yoav Tenembaum was born in Argentina. He now lives in Israel where he lectures at Tel Aviv University. He pursued his academic studies in Britain, at Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He was the winner of the 59th Haiku Festival 2005, organized by the Basho Memorial Museum in Japan and has had poems in various journals. A collection of his poems, Unwrap Me, was published in the US in 2010.