Bert Molsom

for Rosemary

There is no shame in sorrow,
no shame when your need is to follow
the grief that closes the eyes of your heart.
Your past will always be a part

of you. Grieve now, not
for what’s to come, you cannot
see what is there, for you.
Grieve only for what is due
to your past, the happiness,
the joys, the sadness.

Peace will come, the new dawn
will arise, no more forlorn
hopes will slow your progress.
Time passing will ease your distress
from intense, to ache, to upset
when daily life helps you forget.

Bert Molsom retired early to become an apprentice poet, fully understanding apprenticeships
last a long time! He has been long-listed for the Bridport Prize, won Poetry on Loan 2016 and
his work has been published by Anthropocene, Ink, Sweat and Tears and The Ekphrastic
Review (USA)