Gordon Scapens

The Messenger: A Sequel

Go son, you must make that speech.
A party conference is the right stage
To show we can have prosperity for all,
Before the leader thinks he’s you.

Convince them you can work miracles
With their fiscal dilemmas
If they let you be the compass
For the party’s new direction.

Our policies adjust easily
To the faint hopes of the weakest.
Like a baby crying, the response
Is immediate and unconditional.

Say you taste the tears of the poor
Until your helping hand stills them,
And you suffer with the sick and homeless
Having been groomed in their images.

Tell them we keep our promises.
Show them your wounds if they doubt.
They’ll know it’s not too soon
For this second resurrection.

Since retirement there’s been more time for writing. Coming from ‘the grim north’ this brightens up life and seeing work in print is motivation to continue. Sympathetic Editors are greatly