Nicola Warwick

When I hear your voice

It was the voice of a human being – a known, loved, well-remembered voice –
….and it spoke in pain and woe, wildly, eerily, urgently Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

I hear your voice in the moorland grasses,
in the branches of the trees that stoop before the wind

in the twists of roots mired underground, in the deeps
and hollows of this landscape, in the browns and purples

of the heathers, the courses and junctions of the streams
and footpaths that cross-hatch the land, in wind and rain,

the weather-beaten heights, the gritstone hulks that
the hillsides, in the keen of the hawk scything the air,

in the slink of the fox, the dance of the hare, colours of bog
dwarf cornel, cloudberry, the ascension of the skylark,

the drawn-out call of the curlew, the heavy-hanging
morning mist, the night sky with its gatherings of stars.

All this in my lungs, my skin and hair, steeped in my
my blood, fixed by the story that joins us.

Nicola Warwick has published two collections of poetry – Groundings (Cinnamon Press 2014 and The Knifethrower’s Wishlist (Indigo Dreams 2017), which was a winner of the Geoff Stevens Memorial Prize in 2016. She has won prizes or been commended in several competitions, including the 2019 National Poetry Competition. She ives in Suffolk and works in local government.